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About Watkins Enterprises
A company designed and based around making your pride and joy feel and look its absolute best. Located in Reading, Berkshire. Professional Valeting, Detailing, Paint Correction and Protection services offered throughout the south of England.

Watkins Enterprises was founded and owned by Stephen Watkins. Stephen's perfectionist attitude, combined with his high passion and love towards the automotive industry means Watkins Enterprises can leave you with a perfect automotive presence.

In a world where first impressions count and cars being one of our greatest valued assets, professional and specialist care is a must to maintain the value and appearance of your vehicle. With our wide range of car care products and professional opinions we can assure your paintwork is left protected and overall pleasing to the eye.

Being a new business we are currently only mobile, this means we require a water and an electric source. Shelter can be provided by ourselves but it is recommended that paint correction and enhancement services are carried out in a closed and dry environment, a garage with enough space to walk around the vehicle is ample.

About Stephen Watkins
Stephen Started valeting cars for family and friends as a hobby in 2008. Slowly turning into more detailed work with a more desirable finish, word of mouth spread and Watkins Enterprises was created in early 2012.

Ever since Stephen could drive he has always kept his vehicles to an absolute perfect level, with years of experience and his drive to receive perfection you can rest assure with Watkins Enterprises.

Mobile: 07594388987    
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